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Autopythonlauncher 1.0

Updated on June 15, 2017
Build 3d button pictures and make a launcher that can automate everything. Together with python scripting languages, you are able to make your own keyboard shortcuts launcher. this tool can elimininate repititive movements.
Publisher: Arnold Burg  
  • OS: Windows - 41.21MB
  • Licence: Freeware
  • Date Added: April 30, 2017
  • Release status:
Autopythonlauncher 1.0

Autopythonlauncher 1.0 Description:

“Best Tool to make a keyboard shortcuts launcher to automate computer movements.”

With Autopythonlauncher 1.0 you can make in 3d an unique automation launcher with button icons. (card, cube, disk, cylinder, sphere) Any button picture on the launcher can direct automate repititive computer movements, Autopythonlauncher will run a advanced or simple python scripts that can - execute keyboard shortcuts macros combinations - write or read the windows register in one code line - or run any kind of application. In the command editor from Autopythonlauncher you have insert code buttons push these and Autopythonlauncher will automatic put the code example for you in the editor change Autopythonlauncher a little bit, save and restart Autopythonlauncher and Autopythonlauncher is done. You ready to push the buttons with your mouse or touch device and Autopythonlauncher will direct (native) run these python scripts. you can also execute other languages scripts for example ms-dos .bat or .xxx python is the main languages and you will need first to install on your system python 2.7 (all versions) with packages (pyautogui,pywinauto,pyreg) if Autopythonlauncher is done you can use autopythonlauncher 1.0 and Autopythonlauncher is a 5 days in any week freeware you are able to use Autopythonlauncher for free (Saturday and Monday you will need a license) this 3d tool is portable put Autopythonlauncher on disk or ram-disk and run the exe file. In the latest version you have a new update checker, examples with multi selector popup menus, multi clipboards, and for internet surfers you have buttons with this you can select text and do in one mouse button click direct a google search the computer find automatic out where Autopythonlauncher can do the search and you can also translate that text.

System requirements: python 2.7 (all versions) with packages (pyautogui,pywinauto,pyreg)